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Networking is a powerful tool for starting a career, finding a date, or making friends. The question is how best to network? With so many different networking events and online opportunities, the possibilities are endless. Below are some tips for networking effectively.


1. Utilize the Online Presence

Many people use social media sites to promote their brand, and most have their pages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular websites. Once they join these sites and create a profile, contact as many people as possible.


2. Get Involved in Local Networking Groups

Many professionals join networking groups to network and meet people. While these events can be intimidating, they are an excellent way to build a professional network.


3. Create New Events

Organizing a new event is a great way to connect with people. It’s also a great way to promote your brand and business. To start, figure out what types of networking events one could host in their business or community and then advertise the information.


4. Ask Questions and Listen

People need to be shown interest, so it’s important to ask questions and listen. If one can demonstrate a genuine interest in others, they’ll want to talk with them. This type of networking is truly beneficial because it provides valuable information. To make the most of any networking event, take note of who is there, the topics of discussion, and how one can follow up with people.


5. Follow Up

One should always follow up when meeting someone new. Mentioning that they enjoyed meeting someone or leaving a business card shows interest. The key is to follow up quickly. After the event, send a quick email or phone call to show interest.


6. Networking is not a One-Time Thing

Networking is not something one should do once and then never again. It’s important to continue building relationships with people because they can lead to opportunities. If a person sees someone new, they will always remember them. And if one sees someone a second time, they’ll likely think of hosting an event to network with them and their colleagues.


7. Get Prepared

Prepare for networking events, and others will notice. Research the organization or event and have a bio and business cards on hand. If someone hasn’t prepared, they’ll appear unprofessional. People will see them in a negative light and may be less likely to talk with them.



Networking is a powerful tool for attracting new clients, finding a date, and making friends. It’s important to do it well. Follow these tips for effective networking and increase network efficiency.