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An elevator pitch is essential for any new business, project, or idea. It’s a brief statement of what you hope to achieve and who you are. The purpose is to entice somebody with the opportunity or decide whether they’re interested in following through with your idea.


How to Create An Elevator Pitch

  1. Consider your knowledge
    The elevator pitch is an opportunity to sell yourself and your idea. So, you need to know a lot! Prepare beforehand. Research competition, market conditions, and anything else related to the project. Be prepared with facts, figures, and evidence to back up your claims. They will add credibility.


  1. Do your homework
    When it comes time to give that elevator pitch, people will be making quick judgments about you, so you must do adequate research on yourself and the others within the room.


  1. Be positive and flexible
    Add lots of enthusiasm to your pitch so that the people listening to you are excited about your ideas. Be flexible and be open to suggestions. You’re not trying to convince anyone of anything; open up as many doors as possible.


  1. Presentation is everything
    Your presentation is essential – make it a visual experience by finding inspiration in other art forms such as music or dance. You are presenting an image, so think of ways in which you can showcase yourself and your ideas visually. In addition, you need to make sure that your appearance fits the bill and matches the image you are trying to foster.


  1. Be imaginative
    Try to be different – think of an innovative use for a product or service or a new approach to the problem at hand. Your elevator pitch should be powerful yet innovative, creative, and inclusive.


  1. Pause for impact
    When presenting your elevator pitch, frequently pause, especially when you are making a powerful statement or revealing something exciting or new. You’ll get into the rhythm of the moment, and it will feel more natural to pause and give it time to sink in with the other people in the room.


  1. Let them know what you’d like to achieve next
    Your biggest concern is getting someone’s attention so that they listen to everything you are saying. Let them know what you’d like to achieve next if you want them to follow through. Create a clear path for your listener through the noise of everything going on around them.



The elevator pitch is an essential tool in any business. It’s a way of selling and branding yourself, so be positive and enthusiastic. A good elevator pitch will open up numerous opportunities, while a bad, or unclear, one will only close doors.